Toxicity is universal, and 4 Ways to Manage it

4 ways to handle the toxicity you are facing without following the medieval era suggestion of ignoring

Sometimes, it happens at the snap of fingers when your brain synapses start to feel irritated or burning-pissing sensation because of someone’s actions.

Ignore- this is what others suggest you to keep the fire going on but not every time the advice is going to assist.

I, myself a very vulnerable person, doing my best to secure my zone. My zone is not with people but with ideas. I look for ideas. They never disappoint me rather than amaze me, fascinate me, excite me, and make me ponder more thoughts. It doesn’t mean I hate people around me. I observe them to not get trapped with the toxic thoughts they live with.

I am a human, and somewhere I live with toxic thoughts too. I don’t want more of them.

There are plenty of people who can spill their negativity in front of you however, you cannot even save yourself from it. So, how to deal with the toxicity and negativity if you cannot ignore them?

Don’t snap

I, of all the people, can understand what it feels like to get irked by a single comment. Initially, I used to snap at others because I was not capable of taking that. Eventually, it backfired on me. My mood got ruined every time I snapped.

No snapping is the first rule I learned while dealing with a toxic environment. Listen to what the person has said and then smile to reply with a suitable answer.

Never Bow down

It is not about being a rigid person, it is about standing up for something. Why you should bow down when the matter, the act, the intention is hurting you after all? Your standing up in front of someone who constantly babbling about issues that have no regard for you is detectable. It takes a lot of guts to do that rather than ignore the same.

Choose and Craft your reply responsibly

You don’t want to become what you are seeing. Isn’t it right? You shouldn’t reply or speak in the same manner to an individual you are listening to. Selecting the right words and crafting the right sentence is more important than ever. You are someone who doesn’t like giving off the wrong impression. Being cool is relaxed, edginess is worse.

Don’t pass the thoughts

The best way to cut short a cynical thought is to not pass them on to others. You hear it, you keep it to yourself. Simple. The more you converse on the topic, the more energy you lose. So, to finish that for once and all, don’t pass them on.

As I have written above, how ideas spark my life, there is no other reason I am having a conversation about senseless topics. Without ignoring, without snapping, and without bowing down, I am going ahead.

There should be no reason you feel defeated ever. Defeat the thoughts, not the spirit.

PS: This is my first post on Medium. I am looking forward to reading and writing more of these. I am going to include my day-to-day actions in my writing. I hope you will like them.



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Ruchi Roy

Ruchi Roy

I want to be a part of people’s research through my writing. Writing about Cinema, Work Pressure, Problem Solving, Pressure in Life.